Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance; the key to fully enjoying your retirement years. Let us show you how an affordable monthly premium can provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover the costs associated with long-term-care (expenses that 70% of people over age 65 will incur). Use your nest egg to fully enjoy your Golden Years, knowing that the funds will be there to provide quality care when needed.

Florida and Georgia Long Term Care

For people participating in Georgia and Florida LTC Insurance plans, Qualified Long Term Care Insurance Partnership programs allow you to shelter assets equal to the amount of your long term care insurance benefits and still apply for governmental assistance if you exhaust your insurance benefits.

Call the Life Solutions team at 877-652-0221 toll free, or e-mail us atinfo@lifesolutions.com for more information on the Georgia or Florida Long Term Care Insurance Partnerships and to see how a carefully designed Long Term Care insurance plan can provide the resources to provide quality care and help you preserve assets.

We are pleased to serve residents of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas.

Consider the following points:

  • Of people needing long term care 40% are between ages 18 and 64.
  • The average length of time spent in a nursing home is 2.38 years.
  • The average age of long term care insurance buyers has decreased from 72 in 1990 to age 58 today.
  • More than 83% of people needing long term care live in the community.
  • In the year 2030 it is estimated that the average nursing home stay will cost $495,000.
  • 70% of those over age 65 will require long term care at some point in their lives.

Call: 877-652-0221 or email: kelley@lifesolutions.com for information on a bold concept in Long Term Care Insurance that pays cash for a casual caregiver (even a friend or neighbor) to help you when you need assistance with the tasks of daily living. This plan is designed to help you receive your care in the comfort of your own home (pays up to 2X the chosen nursing home benefit for professional home care).