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A New Day...
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Take Steps Today.
Don’t Leave Your Future to Fate.

Florida State Court System​

Long-Term Disability Insurance Plans For Florida State Court Employees & Judges

A New Day...
New Options

Take Steps Today. Don’t Leave Your Future to Fate.

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“The best policy is to work with someone that has knowledge and the experience to help you design coverages based on your needs and objectives.

– Kelley Phillips, Life Solutions Podcast

Why Life Solutions?

Long Term Care

The specter of extraordinary long-term care expenses can spoil your retirement plans. Lay the risk off to an insurance company just as you do with homeowner’s and auto insurance

Life Insurance

There exists a Life Insurance Policy that will become a Solution for your Life Plan, and it would be my honor to help determine what that looks like for you and your situation.

Disability Insurance

We work with business owners in Florida and Georgia to design disability and life insurance funded buyout programs. What would happen to your business if your partner dies?

What people are saying about life solutions

Clients Comments:

The Honorable Judge Foster Speaks
It was the best decision I ever made. I signed up for the policy (Unum LTD). Years later I came down with multiple sclerosis, a terrible disease. My disability policy has made all the difference.
Florence Foster
Retired Judge
Positive Feedback From Attorney in FL
I am very pleased that the State of Florida Court System has selected your company to administer its employees' group disability income insurance program. Keep up the great work which you are doing.
Lawrence R. Metsch
Attorney At Law
Individual Disability Coverage Testimony
I chose a LTD plan that would pay 50% of my income should I become disabled regardless of any other income. I had no idea I would need it. After having the insurance for about two years I became disabled. Had I not had the insurance, I would not have been able to maintain my household, being a single person.
Elmira Lasster
Miami, FL

Florida's court system insurance

Who We Work With:

For Judges

Long Term Disability Insurance for Florida State Courts Judges

Florida State Judges


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For Employees

Long Term Disability Insurance for Florida State Courts Employees.

Financial Institutions


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When it comes to finding the right solution for the insurance needs in your life, Life Solutions, P.A. is the right choice for you, your family, and your business!

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